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These things serve to show that the emperor's power is still there, the loyal and righteous people are still there, and I congratulate your majesty deeply. Only then did I arrange a banquet here, and ask Your Majesty to relax his mind and temporarily entertain himself with sensual pleasures to comfort his body and mind, so that he need not be troubled by trifles for a long time. With these words, Miao Bo picked up the cup of wine in both hands and courteously advised the emperor to drink. But the emperor was not pleased by Miu Bo's words. He raised his glass to Miu Bo and then fell into meditation. After a long time, he suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed to somewhere on the other side and asked, "Does Xuan Ze know where that is?" The lights in the waterside pavilion were so dazzling that Miao Bo could not see clearly. (WWW. Mianhua Tang. La a good novel) So he got up and walked out a few steps, lifting the beaded curtain to look. The gurgling river was about three or five feet wide, and the other side of the river was overgrown with weeds, and there seemed to be a small garden. There is no courtyard wall in the garden, Pallet rack beams , only a short fence around it.He said in a trembling voice! Why did you say that? Habitually, he looked around and took a few steps forward, saying, "Your Majesty has no power, but he seems to be in danger. There is no need to be so depressed." "Oh?" The emperor glanced at him. I am a humble minister. However, I dare to ask for advice from Your Majesty. On the one hand, the King of the East China Sea has lost a lot of troops in the Central Plains, and his reputation has been greatly reduced. The king of the East China Sea is the leader of the alliance. He does not really have the power of life and death. Once his own strength is damaged, all the local powers will be shaken. Therefore, at that time, the king of the East China Sea was in urgent need of the central support of Luoyang to maintain his position as the leader of the alliance, and would never act rashly. "Well.." Reasonable.. The emperor nodded slightly. omracking.com